Alumni Website Launch

In this fast expanding world where people move to the far corners of the world, keeping in touch with friends and family becomes difficult. And that’s where a connection on the web helps. An alumni website is one such connection which keeps us connected always with our alma matter and keep our memories fresh always.

A long time need for OUCT– a dedicated alumni website was launched this 7th August by college  Principal  Prof. Ch Sailu in presence of faculty, alumni and students. The alumni website just like any other website has put in all tools to keep the alumni connected to the college and vice versa.  Explore through and establish the connect now.

Being the first alumni website for OUCT, the foremost goal is to consolidate the alumni network and that’s where “Alumni Registration” plays a major part. Register yourself on this page and get connected to your college friends. This connect will also help college to keep alumni informed of the happenings at the college and thus bringing the alumni closer to its alma matter.

The website has sections like Nostalgia where alumni can share their shots of reunions and meets  with the OUCT family . Apart from these, there are sections like the “Inspire” and “Discussion Forum” where alumni can share their experience and learning which could be on great help to the current students. There are many other interesting tools to keep the OUCT family as a closely knitted unit.

Log on to and explore. Do not forget to register yourself on the registration page. If you have any suggestions to improve this website or to improve the alumni network and for that matter any other issues please feel free to write to

Prof. Ch. Sailu (Principal OUCT) - launching alumni website on August 7th, 2014 at OUCT auditorium.

Prof. Ch. Sailu (Principal OUCT) – launching alumni website on August 7th, 2014 at OUCT auditorium.