2016 Alumni Scholarships

Alumni team is now geared up for 2016 scholarships and all B.Tech 3rd year students (2013-2017) are eligible to apply.

We are planning to offer up to five (5) scholarships (Rs.15000 each) on a competitive basis.

Selection criteria: Selection of the candidates for these scholarships will be majorly based on

  • Verified Academic Performance
  • Evidence of Financial Need
  • Leadership Abilities/Extracurricular Activities.

Interested students will be required to fill the application form.  The first level of screening would include evaluation of these forms by a scholarship screening committee consisting of donors/alumni group. Further screening would include assessment of the students’ statement of purpose and a Skype/direct interview.


Announcement of the scholarship and communication to students January 25th, 2016
Deadline for submission of completed application packet February 11th, 2016
Announcements of selected scholarship recipients End of the semester

More information on scholarships program: Click Here

2016 Scholarship Application Form: Download

In case you have any queries/concerns, please write to us at venkatraman2006@gmail.com  or at alumni.ouct@gmail.com.


Venkat Raman,

(UCT Alumni, Batch 2006-2010).

Alumni Scholarships 2016

Final Results:

To begin with, students were requested to fill the application form made available on college website and on a dedicated Facebook page. The application sought information on academics, technical activities, internships, presentations, extracurricular activities and information of financial income. A total of 50 applications were received this year.

A screening committee consisting of alumni evaluated the applications forms and selected 28 candidates for Skype interview. Interviews were conducted over web conferencing. Combining the assessment of the application and of the interview performance, 5 students have been selected for the Alumni Scholarships – 2016.

Winners: Ravinder Reddy, Prashanth Voorukonda, Annela Chandra, Vikram Vasara and Manisha Jangiti