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Many of us will agree that the years one spent in the college are the best years of life, moments one spent there are the most memorable ones , the people one meet there are the ones we carry for life and more importantly the knowledge we gain there is what makes our lives.

In a way, college is the root which nourishes one’s life and one’s personality. Connection to these roots- the college always keeps our memories fresh and one such connection is this Alumni website. Connect through this website and keep yourself updated on the happenings within OUCT family.


#Chemical 2004-08 @ Hyderabad , 2009 #By Deepthi

Memories! Explore more and catch memories shared by fellow OUCTians.

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There are more than 3000 UCT alumni in India and overseas. So wherever  you are based, there are a number of ways to find your friends, to group with your batchmates and just to stay connected. You can find and